3 Girls Walk Out In Giant Hats, 1 Minute Later Dance Moves Have Audience In Stitches

It didn’t take much for three little dancers to win over the student body with their hilarious hats and dance moves.

Done all in support of a little boy named Walker, these three take the dance floor.
One of the dancers was Walker’s sister Ashlin.

Their clever idea to dress up in a costume that none of the fellow students would expect was the perfect thing to show their support in their school assembly.

When they wore their huge hats that spelled out “Walker,” they immediately grabbed everyone’s attention. But then they did something so hilarious that no one could stop laughing!

The famous country song “Elvira” filled the gymnasium as Ashlin and her two friends began to dance. It was the perfect song choice to go along with their performance.

Their talented moves were slightly hidden beneath the large hats, yet their speedy legs undoubtedly made up for it.

With identical kicks to the beat of the music, they showed off their adorable flare.

It was only a minute into the routine when they surprised everyone with a dance move that took this dance to a whole new level.

It may have been funny leading up to this moment, but this was the move that took the cake.

To our delight, this dance routine was caught on camera. It is one that will instantly brighten your day from the moment they walk out!

This Oak Ridge Boys’ classic song “Elvira” is a hoot to listen to in the first place, but when you add in these dancers’ antics, it’s the best performance we’ve seen in a while!

It’s been viewed hundreds of thousands of times and everyone agrees, it’s hilarious.

Even their brief oopsies in the routine are just too funny. You can hear the student body laughing out loud at their moves. It was all in fun!

They do a little line dancing, a little high kicking and a little rear-end swaying. Their antics has everyone in stitches. Plus their costumes are awfully adorable and befitting of the song, too.

When they get to the best part of all, it’s nearly impossibly not to laugh. You have to see their entire performance to thoroughly absorb just how funny it is.

Watch their adorable routine in the video below. You won’t stop chuckling!

Source : http://faithtap.com