Dog Throws Adorable Fit When Owner Refuses To Share His Sandwich, Leaving Everyone In Hysterics

As a dog owner myself, I’m always amazed when I enjoy a meal at a friend’s house where there is also a dog (or two or three) and the dog, or dogs, sit quietly at a polite distance when we sit down to eat. I know that they have dogs, but when it’s meal time those dogs are noticeably absent.

Somehow, the dog parents have taught their perfect pooches to keep an appropriate distance when the humans are eating. There is no drooling, whining, barking, or silent, sad puppy dog eyes. There are only well-behaved pups waiting politely for their meals of dog food, rather than stolen bits of human dinner.

This is something I have never been able to achieve with my dogs. Mealtime with my dogs is more like a negotiation. If I had a dollar for every time I have uttered the words, “Stop licking my food,” I’d be extremely wealthy.

Because I’ve never been able to convince my dogs that this is unacceptable behavior, I have gotten used to eating slightly soggy food with a side of doggy germs. If I happen to turn my back on my meal for even a second, I’m lucky if I have anything left to eat at all.

The dog in this video, Dinky the Great Dane, also refuses to let his owner eat in peace. He isn’t as deliberate as my dogs and doesn’t touch the delicious looking sandwich without permission, but he certainly lets everyone in the room know that he doesn’t approve of being left out of the snacking session. Unlike the homes with perfectly trained pooches, Dinky’s house gets a little noisy at dinner time.

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