Mom And Dad Sing Beautiful Harmonies But It’s Their Baby That’s Stealing Everyone’s Heart

This little baby just can’t help but smile. Is there anything more heartwarming than children who are so happy they are bursting at the seams?

This mom and dad know how to do that for their six-month-old. Singing “One Day,” by Matisyahu, these parents fill the air with a beautiful sound and spread smiles everywhere.

Screenshot via YouTube

This couple from Israel has recorded songs of hope that receive many views on their YouTube channel. This recording in particular has received special attention because of their adoring fan.

Watch their baby shower them with smiles as they sing beautiful melodies. The parents are Yoni and Nina Tokayer – they call themselves Yonina.

They hail from Tel Aviv and every week, on Thursday night or Friday morning, they post their latest videos compilation in which they sing covers and original songs.

Screenshot via YouTube

Their songs are often dedicated to special causes they hold near and dear to their hearts or to individuals that have caught their attention, like terror victim Hallel Yaffa Ariel. Their renditions of various cover songs include fun and upbeat tunes like Bobby McFerrin’s “Don’t Worry, Be Happy.”

Even another child in the back seat can be seen bobbing its head around to their impressive voices. What a wonderful household to grow up, full of love and music.

Yoni and Nina want to send a positive message of hope, love and family. You will love the warm picture painted by this family based simply off this sweet interaction with their baby in the front seat.

Screenshot via YouTube

People all over the world are becoming inspired by their message, which is evidenced by the hundreds of thousands of views almost immediately after they posted it. It’s true, their video will bless anyone who watches it.

So far, this particular video has more than one million views. Thanks to the internet, their songs now can be heard around the world.

Screenshot via YouTube

Dad’s beatboxing is awfully impressive. His rich, deep voice really resonates in the vehicle.

Mom’s pure, beautiful voice singing about prayer and families is refreshing and uplifting. It’s no wonder these two have fans and followers from around the world.


Screenshot via YouTube

You’ll also get a kick out of their wee one’s reactions. Enjoy their amazing message below!