Preschoolers Line Up For Choir Performance, Then Little Girl Belts Out Song In Hilarious Fashion

There are two types of performers—ones that are slightly shy and the others who are totally comfortable in being in front of an audience, no matter how large the crowd may be.

I think it’s safe to say that for the shy ones, it’s a relief to have the other set of performers in the room; they can take the limelight and maybe the teacher won’t notice anyone else. Right?

The confident ones are usually born performers and more than not, they start to work their artistic magic at a very young age. Little Sophia, in the video below, is the perfect example of someone who is probably going to be an amazing actress someday, and we’re just judging by her choir skills.

When parents were invited to this choir performance, they were told that the children would be singing a mellow rendition of “How Far I’ll Go.” Sophia’s parents were also present in the audience and knew that they had to capture their daughter’s performance on camera.

Boy, are we glad that they did! Watch as Sophia opens her mouth wide while singing, belting out each word and enunciating all the syllables. Her arms are flailing everywhere, and she’s making adorable, yet hilarious, singing poses that we’re sure had everyone in the room laughing.

Her performance also included various facial expressions, and they changed throughout the song. We’re sure Sophia is standing in the front row for a reason—she is definitely a great performer!

But, don’t take our word for it! Watch the little girl sing her heart out in the video below. If you laughed as much as we did, then don’t forget to like and share this post with family and friends!

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