Reba Walks In An Empty Church. With Just 3 Words, Covers Everyone In Goosebumps

Reba McEntire reigned in all of her thoughts about what’s going on in this world and decided on one important thing.

When it seems like everywhere she looks there are tears, sadness, and darkness, she feels compelled to do what she knows will bring about good in such tough times.

Knowing that others are seeing what she sees, she wants us all to come together for one beautiful reason and shares exactly what that is in a tear-jerking way.

As an artist, she is able to share what she believes through what she sings, and she took that opportunity to encourage us all by doing exactly that.


In her new hit single “Back To God,” she sings about the tough times in life that relate to everyone, but the great thing is that she doesn’t want others to sympathize with her, but instead encourages us all with a powerful idea.

As she sings, she shares what she considers to be simple facts, “You can make a wish, you knock on wood – it won’t do no good,” but it’s her next seven words which will tug at your heart. Reba McEntire boldly sings about her faith with a beautiful melody and stunning vocals.